India Exposed – The Subcontinent A-Z

‘For First-time visitors it’s a gamble whether this overloaded, overpopulated, over- cooked, overlooked, anarchistic madhouse will have you vowing never to go near again, or booking the next trip — no matter what the cost. When friends ask for one good reason to visit, I offer them a billion — it’s the people. Whether because of the Hindu belief in karma or due to acceptance of caste lot, nowhere else do you get so many disarming smiles or waves in warm greeting. These salutations come not from those seeking your tourist dollar but from millions upon millions with nothing to their name who act like they’ve just won life’s lottery and want you to share it. And maybe they have. Each visit to India brings a small but perceptive change to personal ambitions and Western material priorities, downgrading the urgency of another raise, a bigger car, or a facelift. India is the real world—and most of the time, it smiles at you.
Matching this enveloping welcome is a serendipity of surprises that I’ve met nowhere else in the world.
The jaw-dropping frequency of unbelievable sights and experiences makes you laugh out loud or burns your conscience.’ (Extract from Preface)

Published by Abbeville Press
200 full-color photographs and mini-essays covering 116 subjects in alphabetical form.

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